Hi people as you know i just started a downloads forum for general related downloads. Apps, Movies, Games etc. since its very new. im asking for uploaders. anybody can participate. you can post your links even with shortlinks but only few host are allowed with LS mode.
if your wanna be a regular uploader ill be updating your forum rank to trusted uploader.

heres the few rules:


Hola gente, como saben, acabo de iniciar un for de descargas, para cosas en general, software, peliculas, juegos, libros etc. como es muy nuevo estoy pidiendo a la gente que se regidsstre y partici´re, cualquiera puede hacerlo, oincluso con acortadores de links aunque estos solo es permitidos con ciertos host. si quieres participar y ser uploader regular, te ascender{e al rngo de uploaders confiables.

aqui estan las reglas


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