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“With a ghost-fingered grip on that brew of gothic doom glimpsed in the likes of My Dying Bride and Draconian, WHERE LOVERS ROT channel their melancholy forebears and breathe Portland, Oregon a refreshingly uncharacteristic wisp of primordial, symphonic doom metal.

Formed in late 2013 and releasing their debut demo a year later, Where Lovers Rot sees former Midnite Winter-vocalist Sara Fallico waft operatic spells atop a landscape of haunting keys and mournful melodies courtesy of guitarist Vladimore. The band are anchored with crushing drums from Jason Borton (Jungle Rot, Velaraas, Treasonist), while bassist Brian Rush (Earthen, Mountain Grave, Terrestrial) retches sarcophagal growls into what can only be called an unsettling elegance…the Anathama-colored ballet pirouetting on mediocrity’s grave.”

Download’s Info

Country: United States
Genre(s): Symphonic Doom Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 276 MB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Where Lovers Rot’s Bandcamp

Where Lovers Rot’s RELEASES

2014 – Demo 2014 (Demo)

01. Where Lovers Rot (intro) (2:26)
02. Through the Gardens and the Archways (9:42)
03. Nightshade (7:24)
04. Our Last Sunrise (10:13)

2016 – Reverse the Hourglass / 1922 (Split)

Where Lovers Rot:

01. Reverse the Hourglass (6:52)
Lonesome October:
02. 1922 (5:44)

2016 – Autumn Tears (EP); 00:24:58

01. Autumn Tears (8:04)
02. Star Crossed (8:22)
03. Crimson Dawn (8:32)

2018 – Fallen From Grace; 00:43:45

01. Fallen from Grace (1:58)
02. Into the Dead of Night (6:47)
03. The Path of Fire and Thorns (7:43)
04. Immortal Love (4:50)
05. Only Memories (2:34)
06. My Grieving Sun (9:08)
07. The Domain of Lost Souls (10:46)



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