Alexi Laiho R.I.P

Alexi Laiho has passed away at 41 years, due to “suffered from long-term health issues during his last years”  death cause still not revelead. I dont have “idols” on any matters of life but for musicians hes one one my favorite ones. thats sad. he was doing some shows recently to promote their new band. […]

Obscura Discography (320kbps)

Obscura Discography 320kbps MEGA General Information Country: Germany Genre(s) Progressive/Technical Death Metal Format: MP3 Bitrate: 320kbps Size:1.08GB (Incluye scans) Band’s Info: Obscura Metallum Obscura Discography CONTENT 2006 – Retribution (00:45:49) 01. Humankind (2:48) 02. Nothing (4:57) 03. Unhinged (2:17) 04. None Shall Be Spared (5:58) 05. Alone (3:45) 06. Hymn To A Nocturnal Visitor (6:33) […]