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Battle Beast Discography Download 320 kbps (2011 – 2022) MEGA


Battle Beast is a Finnish power metal band formed in 2005 in Helsinki. They are known for winning the finals of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle 2010, which allowed the band to sign a contract with Nuclear Blast and release their first album, “Steel”.

After the release of their third album, Unholy Savior, the band parted ways with guitarist and founding member Anton Kabanen due to musical disagreements1. A new guitarist Joona Björkroth joined the band, allowing them to release two more albums, Bringer of Pain in 2017 and No More Hollywood Endings in 2019.

Download’s Info

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Heavy/Power Metal, Hard Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Length:: 05:14.24
Size: 725 Megabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Battle Beast’s Facebook

Battle Beast’s RELEASES

2011 – Steel (Nippon Columbia COCB-60046)

01. Enter The Metal World
02. Armageddon Clan
03. The Band of The Hawk
04. Justice and Metal
05. Steel
06. Die-Hard Warrior
07. Cyberspace
08. Show Me How to Die
09. Savage and Saint
10. Iron Hand
11. Victory
12. Stay Black

2013 – Battle Beast (Nippon Columbia COCB-60095)

01. Let It Roar
02. Out Of Control
03. Out On The Streets
04. Neuromancer
05. Raven
06. Into The Heart Of Danger
07. Machine Revolution
08. Golden Age
09. Kingdom
10. Over The Top
11. Fight, Kill, Die
12. Black Ninja
13. Rain Man
14. Shutdown

2015 – Unholy Savior (Ward Records VQCD-10429)

01. Lionheart
02. Unholy Savior
03. I Want The World… And Everything In It
04. Madness
05. Sea Of Dreams
06. Speed And Danger
07. Touch In The Night
08. The Black Swordsman
09. Hero’s Quest
10. Far Far Away
11. Angel Cry
12. Push It To The Limit (Paul Engemann cover)
13. Wild Child (W.A.S.P. cover)

2017 – Bringer Of Pain (Japan GQCS-90303)

01. Straight to the Heart
02. Bringer of Pain
03. King for a Day
04. Beyond the Burning Skies
05. Familiar Hell
06. Lost in Wars
07. Bastard Son of Odin
08. We Will Fight
09. Dancing with the Beast
10. Far from Heaven
11. God of War (Bonus Track)
12. The Eclipse (Bonus Track)
13. Rock Trash (Bonus Track)
14. Far from Heaven (Acoustic) (Exclusive Bonus Track for Japan)

2019 – No More Hollywood Endings (Japan GQCS-90691)

01. Unbroken
02. No More Hollywood Endings
03. Eden
04. Unfairy Tales
05. Endless Summer
06. The Hero
07. Piece of Me
08. I Wish
09. Raise Your Fists
10. The Golden Horde
11. World on Fire
12. Bent and Broken
13. My Last Dream

2022 – Circus Of Doom (Limited edition)

CD1 Circus Of Doom

01. Circus Of Doom (4:57)
02. Wings Of Light (4:07)
03. Master Of Illusion (4:08)
04. Where Angels Fear To Fly (3:56)
05. Eye Of The Storm (4:26)
06. Russian Roulette (4:16)
07. Freedom (3:44)
08. The Road To Avalon (4:30)
09. Armageddon (3:43)
10. Place That We Call Home (3:43)

CD2 Bonus CD

01. The Lightbringer (4:24)
02. Tempest Of Blades (3:32





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