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Band formed in 1986 in San Francisco, California, by Mike Varney, former owner of the Roadrunner label. Led by Jason Becker and Marty Friedman (future member of Megadeth) on guitars, they were joined by Jimmy O’Shea on bass, Peter Marrino on vocals and Kenny Stavropoulo on drums.

Cacophony was strongly influenced and based its sound on characteristic elements of neoclassical heavy metal, added to an extreme virtuosity in the guitars, demonstrated by the execution of fast and exotic scales.

In 1987, Cacophony released his first album “Speed Metal Symphony”, which marked a new style of harmonious guitar solos, giving his music a more elaborate and symphonic look, coupled with exotic scales and harmonies from the West, the latter coming from Friedman while classical influences came from Becker.

The following year they composed the album “Go Off!” with Kenny Stavropoulo on drums. This album is characterized by slower and more melodic songs than the previous one without leaving aside the perfect execution of the guitars. Despite this, it was a commercial failure that led to the dissolution of the band.

Jason Becker joined David Lee Roth’s solo band, while Marty Friedman joined Megadeth. This has not prevented them from having solo careers, both with a wide variety of music. An example of this is Becker’s debut album, “Perpetual Burn”, considered one of the best albums of neoclassical heavy metal.
– Cacophony Discography.

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Country: United Kingdom
Genre(s): Neoclassical/Heavy/Speed Metal/Shred
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 527 MB
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Cacophony’s Jason Becker Web

Cacophony’s RELEASES

1987 – Speed Metal Symphony (Original CD Rip)


01 – Savage (05:52)
02 – Where My Fortune Lies (04:35)
03 – The Ninja (07:28)
04 – Concerto (04:39)
05 – Burn the Ground (06:54)
06 – Desert Island (06:28)
07 – Speed Metal Symphony (09:38)

1987 – Speed Metal Symphony (Vinyl Rip)
1987 – Speed Metal Symphony (Remastered, 2010)

1988 – Go Off! (320 kbps)

01 – X-Ray Eyes (05:10)
02 – E.S.P. (06:06)
03 – Stranger (03:24)
04 – Go Off! (03:46)
05 – Black Cat (07:45)
06 – Sword of the Warrior (05:09)
07 – Floating World (05:10)
08 – Images (03:43)

1988 – Go Off! (Original CD Rip)





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