Dionysus Discography 320 kbps MEGA

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Dionysus Discography Download 320 kbps (1981 – 2019) MEGA


Born on May 31, 1968, this Norwegian has been the vocalist and frontman of several bands that in his country -and, eventually, all over the world- have a recognized prestige. He has been the singer of Vagabond (with TNT member Ronni Lé Tekrø), Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK, Beyond Twilight, Mundanus Imperium, Nostradamus (by Nikolo Kotzev), Millenium and The Snakes, as well as releasing several solo albums.

Download’s Info

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 597 Megabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Dionysus’s Myspace

Dionysus’s RELEASES

2002 – Sign Of Truth (320 kbps)

1. Time Will Tell
2. Sign Of Truth
3. Bringer Of Salvation
4. Pouring Rain
5. Anthem (For The Children)
6. Holy War
7. Don’t Forget
8. Walk On Fire
9. Never Wait
10. Loaded Gun
11. Key Into The Past

2004 – Anima Mundi (320 kbps)

2-Bringer Of War
3-Anima Mundi
4-Heart Is Crying
5-March For Freedom
7-Eyes Of The World
8-Forever More
9-Paradise Land
10-Closer To The Sun (Bonus track)
11-Holy War (Pre-production 2001)

2006 – Fairytales And Reality (320 kbps)

1. Illusion of Life
2. The Orb
3. Blinded
4. The World
5. Spirit
6. Queen of Madness
7. The Game
8. True At Heart
9. Tides Will Turn
10. Dreamchaser
11. The End

2008 – Keep The Spirit (best of compilation) (320 kbps)

1. March For Freedom 06:06
2. My Heart Is Crying 05:03
3. Spirit 05:33
4. Illusion Of Life 05:01
5. Time Will Tell 05:06
6. Anima Mundi 03:34
7. Divine 04:12
8. The World 03:20
9. Eyes Of The World 05:39
10. True At Heart 04:47
11. Forever More 04:55
12. Bringer Of War 05:08
13. Don´t Forget 06:05
14. Key Into The Past (bonus audio track) 05:26
15. Bringer Of Salvation (bonus audio track) 04:23
16. Time Will Tell (video clip) 05:06





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