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Wikipedia: The band formed in Stockholm in 1988. After a hiatus, during which several members joined Carnage, the band began recording in earnest in 1991 and released their debut album Like an Ever Flowing Stream that year. The album is today heralded as a milestone for the burgeoning Swedish death metal scene and established the band’s fanbase, which was further bolstered by the controversy surrounding one song in particular, “Skin Her Alive”. The song prompted an obscenity charge in the United Kingdom, against which the band successfully defended themselves.

In 1992, Dismember released the Pieces EP, and the following year continued with second full-length Indecent & Obscene which featured their song “Dreaming in Red”; the “Dreaming in Red” videoclip was shown in MTV’s Headbangers Ball. According to an interview with fellow Nuclear Blast group Benediction in metallian.com, Dismember and the said band got into a business dispute and eventually a fisticuff at this stage over tour arrangements and moneys owed.

Like many of the other Scandinavian death metal bands, Dismember began softening their sound in the mid-1990s, with 1995’s Massive Killing Capacity more melodic approaches, which had a good public response. Nevertheless, they attempted a return to style with 1997’s Death Metal, which ultimately became a sales disappointment. Their last album for Nuclear Blast was 2000’s Hate Campaign.

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Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.71 Gigabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Dismember’s Facebook

Dismember’s RELEASES

1988 – Dismembered (Demo) (192 kbps)
1989 – Last Blasphemies (Demo) (192 kbps)
1989 – Rehearsal (Demo) (192 kbps)
1990 – Reborn In Blasphemy (Demo) (192 kbps)
1991 – Skin Her Alive (Single) (320 kbps)
1991 – Like An Ever Flowing Stream (Re-Release 2005) (320 kbps)
1992 – Pieces (Re-Release 2005) (320 kbps)
1993 – Indecent And Obscene (Re-Release) (320 kbps)
1993 – Live In Stockholm (Bootleg) (320 kbps)
1995 – Casket Garden (EP) (320 kbps)
1995 – Massive Killing Capacity (Re-Release 2005) (320 kbps)
1997 – Misanthropic (EP) (320 kbps)
1997 – Death Metal (Japan Edition) (320 kbps)
2000 – Hate Campaign (Re-Release) (320 kbps)
2004 – Live Blasphemies (DVD Audio) (320 kbps)
2004 – Where Ironcrosses Grow (320 kbps)
2005 – Complete Demos (Compilation) (320 kbps)
2006 – Live Montreal ’06 (14-10-2006) (Bootleg) (192 kbps)
2006 – The God That Never Was (320 kbps)
2008 – Dismember (320 kbps)
2008 – Live Collection (Bootleg) (320 kbps)
2009 – Under Bloodred Skies (DVD-Audio) (VBR 128-224 kbps)





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