Almost 7 months paying the server and the accounts on google drive plus other stuff, i paid it from my pocket, i think this month i will pay the bills with the money earned by the link shorteners.

so if you wanna support me to pay the server you can donate me through crypto coins, we’re on 2019 now, so i guess will be not hard to buy some coins and send it to my wallet, ofc if you can and want to do it.

i choose these these coins cause are the most used in my opinion.

Bitcon: 1DwhQkcbtjLS2D5aDQdoWZKE64dbsX7pVn

Etherum: 0x3296f1A439ec0b1938d23F6D8E306A35D8343dcd

Bitcoincash: qqpxyrdl20e8xkq99ateq68kw0tflgwp3vjysvgu76

Litecoin: LTkE1K59svBYNLm6cmyHSC6hbvAjme3vRn