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Fairyland is a symphonic power metal band from France created by songwriters Philippe Giordana and Willdric Lievin in 1998.

After going through several line-up changes in the 2000s, the band turned into a one-man musical project, when Giordana parted ways with the rest of the band in 2007. He subsequently released Score to a New Beginning in 2009 as Fairyland, with guest musicians and singers. In 2015 however, Fairyland became a band once again with a full line-up, including Lievin, returning for the first time since 2004.

General Information

Country: France
Genre(s) Symphonic Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 530 MB(scans)
Band’s Info: Fairyland Metallum

Fairyland Discography CONTENT


Fantasia – 2000 – Realm Of Wonders (Demo) – 192

1. The Realm
2. Ride With The Sun
3. Doryan
4. The Enlightened
5. The King
6. Holy Quest
7. On The Path To Fury
8. Lake of Tears
9. Fight For Your King
10. Cruel Death
11. The Fellowship
12. Lord
13. The Army of The White Mountains
14. Song For A Victory

2003 – Of Wars In Osyrhia – 320

01. And So Came The Storm
02. Ride With The Sun
03. Doryan The Enlightened
04. The Storyteller
05. Fight For Your King
06. -On The Path To Fury
07. Rebirth
08. The Fellowship
09. A Dark Omen
10. The Army Of The White Mountains
11. Of Wars In Osyrhia
12. Guardian Stones (Bonus Track For Japan Only)

2006 – The Fall Of An Empire – 320

01. Endgame (Intro)
02. The Fall of an Empire
03. Lost in the Dark Lands
04. Slaves Forlorn
05. The Awakening
06. Eldanie Uelle
07. Clanner of the Light
08. To the Havenrod
09. The Walls of Laemnil
10. Anmorkenta
11. In Duna
12. The Story Remains
13. Look Into Lost Years (Outro)
14. Across The Endless Sea (Bonus Track)

2009 – Score To A New Beginning – 320

1.Opening Credits
2.Across the Endless Sea (Part II)
3.Assault on the Shore
4.Master of the Waves
5.A Soldiers Letter
7.At the Gates of Morken
8.Rise of the Giants
9.Score to A New Beginning
10.End Credits



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