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Nemophila Discography Download MP3 320 kbps (1988 – 2021) MEGA


Nemophila (Japanese: ネモフィラ, Hepburn: Nemofira) is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in Tokyo in 2019. It consists of vocalist Mayu, guitarists Saki and Hazuki, bassist Haraguchi-san and drummer Tamu Murata. While independently releasing three singles between 2020 and 2021, Nemophila garnered a sizable multinational following online by uploading videos to YouTube.[1][2] In June 2021, British record label JPU compiled the singles into the internationally released Oiran: Extended Edition. Nemophila released their debut studio album, Revive, in December 2021. Their most recent album, Evolve, was released in January 2024

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Country: Japan
Genre(s): Metalcore/Hard Rock
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 01:59:41
Size: 374.95 MB (Megabytes)
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Nemophila’s RELEASES

Albums Tracklist

2021 – Oiran (Extended Edition)

01. Oiran
02. Monsters
03. Life
04. Raitei
05. Sorai
06. Dissension
07. Fighter
08. Dissension (English Version)

2021 – Revive

01. Revive
02. Dissension
03. 鬼灯
04. Hypnosis
05. Game Over
06. Life (Revive ver.)
07. Sorai
08. Rollin’ Rollin’
09. Change the World
10. 雷霆 -Raitei-
11. Oiran (Revive ver.)

2022 – Seize the Fate

01. Seize the Fate
02. 炎天 -Enten-
03. Zen
04. Back into the wild
05. Rock’n’Roll is
06. Style
07. Waiting for you
08. Now I here
09. Ray Of light
10. 徒花 -Adabana-
11. Soaring ~to be continued~

2024 – Evolve

1. Enigma
2. Rise
4. Ama-te-ras
5. Odyssey
6. Alive
7. Night Flight
8. Justice
9. Hammer Down
10. Yell ~軌跡~

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