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Marko Paasikoski featured as second guitarist on the band’s first three demos (released under the Tricky Beans name). He left before their final demo and rejoined after the Successor EP in his new role as bass player.

A PC role-playing video game titled Winterheart’s Guild went into development by Zelian Games with a release planned for 2007. Sonata Arctica’s music was intended to be used as the soundtrack to the game with the band members as playable characters, but the project eventually fell through.

Tony Kakko also sings for Northern Kings, an ’80s pop cover project also featuring Marco Hietala, Jarkko Ahola and Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto.

Download’s Info

Country: Greece
Genre(s); Melodic Black Metal/Gothic Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 3.53 GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Sonata Arctica Metallum

Sonata Arctica RELEASES

Studio Albums:

2000 – Ecliptica (Japanese Edition)
2001 – Silence (Japanese Edition)
2003 – Winterheart’s Guild (Japanese Limited Edition)
2004 – Reckoning Night (Japanese Limited Edition)
2007 – Unia (Japanese Edition)
2007 – Unia (Limited Edition) Digipak – Germany
2009 – The Days Of Grays (Japanese Limited Edition) 2CD
2009 – The Days Of Grays (Limited Edition) 2CD – Germany
2012 – Stones Grow Her Name (Japanese Tour Edition)
2012 – Stones Grow Her Name (Limited Edition) Germany
2014 – Pariah’s Child (Japanese Edition)
2016 – The Ninth Hour (Limited Edition)
2016 – The Ninth Hour (Japanese Edition)
2019 – Talviyö (Japanese Edition)

2005 – The End Of This Chapter (Japanese Edition)
2006 – The Collection: 1999 – 2006
2018 – he Harvests (2007-2017) (Compilation) (Japanese Edition)

Live Albums:
2002 – Songs Of Silence – Live In Tokyo (Japanese Edition) 2CD
2006 – For The Sake Of Revenge (Japanese Edition)
2011 – Live In Finland (2CD) Germany

Reissue & Remastered Albums

2008 – Ecliptica (Remastered Japanese Edition)
2008 – Silence (Remastered Japanese Limited Edition)
2014 – Ecliptica – Revisited (15th Years Anniversary) (Japanese Edition) Re-Recording

2000 – Successor (EP) (Argentina & South American Edition)
2001 – Orientation (EP) (Japanese Edition)
2003 – Takatalvi (EP) (Japan)
2004 – Don’t Say A Word (EP) (Japan)
2010 – Takatalvi (EP) (Re-Release) Re-Issue – Finland

1999 – UnOpened (CD Single) Finland
2001 – Last Drop Falls (CD Single) Finland
2001 – Wolf & Raven (CD Single) Finland
2003 – Broken (CD Single) Finland
2003 – Victoria’s Secret (CD Single) Finland
2004 – Don’t Say A Word (CD Single) Finland
2004 – Shamandalie (CD Maxi-Single) Germany
2006 – Replica 2006 (CD Single) Finland
2007 – Paid In Full (CD Single) (Japan)
2009 – The Last Amazing Grays (CD Single) Germany
2012 – I Have A Right (CD Single) Germany
2012 – Shitload Of Money (CD Single) Germany
2013 – Alone In Heaven (CD Single) Germany
2014 – Cloud Factory (CD Single) Germany
2014 – Love (CD Single) Germany
2014 – The Wolves Die Young (CD Single) Germany
2015 – Christmas Spirits (CD Single) Germany
2016 – Closer To An Animal (Single)
2019 – A Little Less Understanding



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