Unleash the Archers Discography 320 kbps MEGA

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Unleash the Archers Discography Download 320 kbps (2009 – 2020) MEGA


Unleash The Archers was formed in 2007 by vocalist Brittney Slayes, along with fellow band member and drummer Scott Buchanan, while attending the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. After moving to Vancouver in 2010, the band underwent several line-up changes, but were finally able to cement their unique style of genre-blending heavy metal with the addition of Grant Truesdell in 2011 and Andrew Kingsley in 2013. By intertwining the aggression of more extreme genres with the complexities of traditional heavy metal, UTA has created a sound unlike anything else in the industry.

They embrace a commercial appeal that appeals to music lovers of all types, while maintaining a heavy edge that stays true to their death metal roots. Since their inception, UTA has always placed an emphasis on touring, and hit the road by van booking their own North American tours for years before being picked up by an agent in 2016. Their persistent, hard-working, down-to-earth attitude has attracted worldwide media attention, and their constant engagement on social platforms of all kinds has allowed for steady growth and a dedicated and positively engaged fan base that spans continents.

Download’s Info

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Power Metal / Melodic Death
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 910 Megabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Unleash the Archers’s Facebook

Unleash the Archers’s RELEASES

2009 – Behold The Devastation (00:39:57)

01. Eat What You Kill
02. The Ritual And The Reckoning
03. Destroyer
04. The Worthy And The Weak
05. Black Goat Of The Woods
06. The Filth And The Fable
07. Tied To A Stag
08. Four In Hand

2009 (Demo) Unleash The Archers (00:24:00)

01. The Black Goat Of The Woods
02. The Destroyer
03. Archers Fly
04. Hope Falls (A Prelude To The Story Of John Rambo)

2011 – Demons Of The AstroWaste (01:02:30)

01. 00:00:01 (Instrumental)
02. Dawn Of Ages
03. Realm Of Tomorrow
04. General Of The Dark Army
05. Daughters Of Winterstone
06. Battle In The Shadow (Of The Mountain)
07. Despair
08. The Outlander
09. City Of Iron
10. The Fall Of The Galactic Guard
11. Astral Annihilation
12. Ripping Through Time

2012 – Defy The Skies EP (00:13:03)

01. The Path Unsought
02. Upon Ashen Wings
03. Soulstorm

2015 – Time Stands Still (01:01:11)

01. Northern Passage (Intro)
02. Frozen Steel
03. Hail of the Tide
04. Tonight We Ride
05. Test Your Metal
06. Crypt
07. No More Heroes
08. Dreamcrusher
09. Going Down Fighting
10. Time Stands Still
11. Tonight We Ride (Video Edit)

2017 – Apex (Japanese Edition) (01:05:02)

01. Awakening
02. Shadow Guide
03. The Matriarch
04. Cleanse The Bloodlines
05. The Coward’s Way
06. False Walls (08:05)
07. Ten Thousand Against One
08. Earth And Ashes
09. Call Me Immortal
10. Apex
11. Queen of the Reich (Queensryche Cover) (Bonus Track)

2019 Explorers EP (00:10:24)

01. Northwest Passage [00:04:35]
02. Heartless World [00:05:48]

2020 – Abyss (2 CDs) (02:05:47)


01. Waking Dream [00:03:45]
02. Abyss [00:06:44]
03. Through Stars [00:05:35]
04. Legacy [00:05:27]
05. Return to Me [00:05:34]
06. Soulbound [00:03:54]
07. Faster Than Light [00:05:12]
08. The Wind That Shapes the Land [00:08:36]
09. Carry the Flame [00:04:42]
10. Afterlife [00:07:30]
11. Abyss (Synthwave) [00:06:41]
12. Soulbound (Gothic Folk-Pop) [00:05:03]

CD2 (Instrumental)

01. Waking Dream (Instrumental) [00:03:45]
02. Abyss (Instrumental) [00:06:44]
03. Through Stars (Instrumental) [00:05:35]
04. Legacy (Instrumental) [00:05:27]
05. Return to Me (Instrumental) [00:05:34]
06. Soulbound (Instrumental) [00:03:54]
07. Faster Than Light (Instrumental) [00:05:12]
08. The Wind That Shapes the Land (Instrumental) [00:08:36]
09. Carry the Flame (Instrumental) [00:04:42]
10. Afterlife (Instrumental) [00:07:30]



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