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Vinnie Moore (14 April 1964, New Castle, Delaware), guitarist and member of the British hard rock band UFO (music). Along with Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine and others, Moore is known as one of the guitarists most influential in the emergence of the shred technique in the mid-1980s.

Moore began his professional career at the early age of 12 playing in clubs and bars until Shrapnel Records executive Mike Varney discovered him through a magazine article. His meeting with Varney gave him the opportunity to appear in a Pepsi commercial in 1985 (actually only Vinnie’s hands appear in the ad while you can hear him playing). After this appearance, Mooore recorded his first solo album, Mind’s Eye, on Shrapnel Records with Tony MacAlpine on keyboards. The album received several awards from guitar magazines and sold around 100,000 copies.

Vinnie Moore played lead guitar with the heavy metal band Vicious Rumors on their debut album, “Soldiers of the night”. The album included a solo by Moore on the song “Invader”, which followed the style of Van Halen’s “Eruption”. Moore began to collaborate with other hard rock bands { He played with Alice Cooper’s band during a tour and also appeared on the album Hey Stoopid, after which Moore made two videos in which he taught guitar techniques.

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Country: United States
Genre(s): Neoclassical/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Shred
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.33 Gigabytes
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Vinnie Moore’s Facebook

Vinnie Moore’s RELEASES

Studio Albums

1987 – Mind’s Eye
1988 – Time Odyssey
1991 – Meltdown
1996 – Out Of Nowhere (Japanese Release)
1999 – The Maze
2000 – Live!
2001 – Defying Gravity
2006 – A Collection: The Sharpnel Years
2009 – To The Core
2015 – Aerial Visions (Japanese Edition)
2019 – Soul Shifter



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